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6 reasons why our swim diaper is your number one choice!

Is it a swim diaper or a swim pant? Well, it’s both!
Our swim pant is not only that. It is also a swim diaper. Perfect for babies loving to splash around the pool and playing at the beach. Cute, comfortable and fast drying makes this a favorite among so many parents and children around the world. Here’s six good reasons why the ImseVimse swim diaper is your number one choice on the market!
Oh, and the only downside with our swim diaper is that there are so many adorable prints and colors it is almost impossible to choose only one.

Great fit!
The comfortable fit allows the child to move freely in and out of the water.

Snap buttons!
Conveniently placed snap buttons on the side of the swim pant makes it quick and easy to change the swim diaper, even when wet. Especially handy for those “poopy” changes…

Soft and snug!
The elastics around the legs will keep the poop out of the water.

Lightweight and fast drying!
Our swim diaper is super lightweight which makes it really comfortable to wear. No more bulky swim diapers! Oh and it dries really fast as well.

Made out of double layers for that extra protection.

The look!
So many awesome prints and colors to choose from. It’s hard to pick only one, but who says baby can have too many swim diapers?


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