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About us

Imse and Vimse are two separate brands with a common origin and the same vision – to be part of making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception. Our contribution to that transition is reusable hygiene products in organic cotton.

We believe that many people choose disposable products for their children and menstrual protection for themselves without thinking so much that there are other alternatives. Or that those alternatives have economic as well as health and environmental benefits. We would like to change that.

Future-proof problem solvers

The idea for Imse and Vimse was born out of an actual need. When our founder, Marie Walleberg, realized that cotton cloth diapers were the solution to her childs diaper eczema, she decided to let more people share the insight. It was the start of what is today Vimse. Since then, reusable menstrual pads and products for beauty and skincare have been added. Which is Imse. Common to both our brands is that we develop products that are both kind to the skin and to the environment. And nice to look at.

It is exciting to see that more and more people discovers the benefits of reusable hygiene products. And find the best way for them to use the products – always, sometimes or now and then when it is suitable.

We are here

Our office is located in Visby on Gotland, where we have had our base since the start in 1988. Our products, on the other hand, are sold through distributors and retailers all over the world. And directly through our own web shop.

Welcome to find your own favorites in our range.

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