Renewable polyester at Imse Vimse

Sun Protection Clothes made from recycled polyester

Environment, Sun Protection Clothing
Did you know that our Sun Protection Collection is made of recycled polyamide and polyester? This makes the ImseVimse range of sun protection clothing a better and more sustainable choice than…
top of the line swim diaper from imse vimse imsevimse

FAQ Swim Nappies

ImseVimse, Swim Diaper, Swim Pants
Our swim nappy is top of the line on the market! The great quality and design makes this a swim nappy you can rely on. In this post we will…
washable and reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads!

ImseVimse, Nursing
Nursing pads is a typical product that most women who breastfeed will use, but have your ever tried washable nursing pads that can be used over and over again? Not…

Using cloth diapers at preschool

Cloth Diapers
If you’re using cloth diapers at home it’s only natural that you’d prefer doing the same at preschool. Most of the time the teachers are okey with this, but sometimes…

The power of the sun!

The sun is amazing in so many ways. Its warmth and present is loved by us humans and we rely on for our survival. But did you know that there…

The upside of cloth pads!

cloth pads, Mens, Period positive
Up or down One of the most common questions that we get about our pantyliners and cloth pads are which side should go up and which side should lie down…