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The upside of cloth pads!

Up or down
One of the most common questions that we get about our pantyliners and cloth pads are which side should go up and which side should lie down in your panties. Using our pads with prints it’s easy to see what side should be facing down and up. The printed side should be laying up and the white side faces down. With our single colored cloth pads you can easily tell what side faces up and down by looking at the stitching (see image attached). The side with the visible stitching goes up and the side with no visible stitching faces down. Simple as that!

Does it matter?
The reason why it matters what side goes up and down is due to the construction of the pads. The night pad for example is made of six layers of cotton, five of those are on top of each other to help soak up and absorb the blood. Under these five layers there are one layer of PUL to prevent the blood to leak through the pad. If you place the cloth pad upside down the absorbing layers will be laying underneath the leakproof layer which of course will prevent the blood from being absorbed by the absorbing layers.
Read more about the layers and the absorption here >>

Learn more about choosing the right size >>

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Finally! The thong pantyliner has arrived!

After quite a few requests from our customers we have finally met their wish and command and can now offer a pantyliner especially designed for the thong.
With a slender fit and being slightly thinner than our regular pantyliner, it will fit so perfectly that you won’t even notice it being there!

Using our washable pantyliners made of cloth is beneficial in many ways. Maybe you prefer them to disposable pantyliners because it saves you money? Perhaps it’s the environmental och health issues that makes cloth pads and pantyliners your number one choice or is it simply the comfort and smooth feeling of these little soft and comfy babies that is your reason for using reusable pantyliners made of cloth. Either way this product won’t disappoint you!
use for daily discharge or as an extra protection for you menstrual cup or tampon.

The thong pantyliner comes in two different colors; white and black.

You can get yours here!

thong pantyliner from imsevimse

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The absorption of our different sizes cloth pads

We get many questions regarding the differences in the absorption of our cloth pads. Apart from the obvious differences of the size of the pads, the construction of the cloth pads differ from pad to pad. They are all built up with absorbing layers of organic cotton and a layer of leak proof PUL.

The thong pantyliner is made of two layers of absorbing cotton and one layer of leak proof PUL. A good sized pad for daily discharge or as an extra protection for menstrual cups.

The pantyliner consists of four layers of absorbing cotton and one layer of leak proof PUL. A great pad or pantyliner for the last couple of days of your cycle when the flow is not so heavy. A great extra protection when using a menstrual cup or as a protection for urine leakage.

Cloth pad regular consists of five absorbing layers of organic cotton and one layer of leak proof PUL. The perfect everyday pad. A great night pad when the flow is not so heavy, like for the last couple of nights of your cycle?

The night pad has no less than six absorbing layers of organic cotton and one layer of leak proof PUL. This pad is superior in both size and absorption which makes it a great night pad or post partum pad.


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Fifth graders make cloth pads in class

A while ago a teacher contacted us at ImseVimse. She had a class of fifth graders who after a a school project about sustainability decided that they wanted to make cloth pads in handicraft class.
We were thrilled to hear about this and gladly gave them materials to make their cloth pads. This is a wonderful and beautiful initiative by these young kids and they give us all a good feeling about the future!

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Choosing the right size cloth pad!

choosing the right size cloth pads

When choosing the size of your cloth pads there are a couple of things to have in consideration. What absorption and coverage do you need? Are you looking for a night pad or day pad? How’s your flow? Heavy or light?

ImseVimse offer three different sizes to meet your needs.
The pantyliner is the smallest pad and many use it for discharge or as a back-up to their menstrual cup. Our regular size is the medium pad and are great for the days of medium flow during daytime and lastly we have the Queen of Pads; the night pad. Longer than the other pads and great for heavier days, postpartum and during night.
Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right pad!

… when you need some extra protection or back-up to your menstrual cup or tampon.
… when your flow is lighter, like by the end of your cycle.
… when you’re looking for an everyday protection for discharge.
… if you tend to leak a little urine when coughing, sneazing or laughing.

… if your normal size in disposables are the normal mid-size.
…if your flow is normal.
… if you tend to leak a little urine when coughing, sneazing or laughing.


… when your flow is heavy
… during the night as a night pad
… postpartum, after giving birth
… if you tend to leak in the front or back during your period