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Let’s make black Friday a lot greener!


Stressing out about the upcoming Black Friday craze?
Black Friday is a commercial day that is known to trigger people into over-consumption of things they don’t really need. We don’t want to be a part of that. Instead, we’d like to share our best 10 environmentally friendly tips on how you can turn your BLACK FRIDAY a little bit greener. Let’s go green with ImseVimse! 

10 environmentally friendly tips from ImseVimse!

    Replace your regular menstrual protection with reusable options. For example, fabric cloth pads, reusable cloth tampons or menstrual cups.

    Replace household rolls and disposable wipes with washable cloth wipes made of organic cotton. Or if you’re feeling nifty, why not try making your own?

    Zero waste your makeup routine by swapping your one- time cleansing pads with reusable organic cotton ones. You can even make your own cleansing pads from an old t-shirt.

    Bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store. A large shopping bag and small reusable produce bags for your fruits and veggies will help reduce the use of plastic bags and make the oceans happier.

    Buy a washable swim diaper instead of disposable ones. Also, reusables are so much prettier than disposable swim nappies!

    Ditch the plastics and replace disposable nappies with cloth nappies and help reduce waste.

    Replace your regular nursing pads with washable and reusable nursing inserts. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

    Help your child get diaper-free early to minimize waste (if you use disposable nappies) by using our training pants to aid you and your toddler in the path towards becoming potty trained.

    Treat stains on clothes, cloth nappies and pads with a natural stain remover to avoid chemicals going out into our waters.

    Make sure that the products you buy are toxic-free. You can do so by e.g. checking for certifications like the OEKO-tex certification, that the cotton is organic or the polyester is recycled.


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We’re looking for ambassadors!

As an ambassador, you will receive ImseVimse products to try and review on your social media, for example, Instagram or blog. No cost is added, but your content (images and text) will be authorized for ImseVimse to be used in marketing, advertising, including Instagram, Facebook, newsletters, catalogues, emails and other communications with customers, store hardware and other marketing purposes. ImseVimse may use, reproduce, distribute, combine with our other documents, modify and / or edit your photos at its sole discretion.

– a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Twitter, etc.)

– You will receive products for free or highly discounted products
– You will have your own coupon code (15% Off) that you can share with your friends, family and followers on social media.
– You will be a part of the ImseVimse family that wants to help create a better future for our own and future generations with healthy, functional and environmentally-friendly products.

Interested? Please email with the subject line “ImseVimse Ambassador”

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Earth-friendly and personalized gift ideas for christmas

Running out of gift ideas? Here are some earth-friendly gifts you’ll feel great about giving.

  1. A gift for grandma and grandpa that have everything.
    Create a lasting memory by putting together a scrapbook of pictures from the year. When you deliver it include a set of washable wipes for the tears of joy that will be sliding down their cheeks.
  2. The perfect gift to give a girl on her period.
    Green is the new black. Besides a box of organic chocolate and a sweet note get her a monthly kit of organic and reusable menstrual pads, makeup pads and wipes. Mix and match sizes and prints, giving her a conscious start to her new year.
  3. For your SPA loving cousin.
    Make your own massage oil, bath oil or face mask that you think they’d love. Put reusable cleansing pads in a glass jar, write a personal note and your gift is ready. Personal, eco-friendly and guaranteed to be appreciated.
  4. For your siblings’ new baby
    A parent’s lifesaver is wipes. You can never get too many and what a better way to ease their way into parenthood by supplying them with a lifetime set of reusable organic cotton wipes.
  5. For your sleep-deprived partner or best friend
    Give the gift of rest with a luxury sleep mask made of organic cotton and silk. Add a subscription to an audible they’ve been wanting to listen to or create a soothing playlist on Spotify. You’ll be their favourite way past the holidays.
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FAQ Swim Nappies

top of the line swim diaper from imse vimse imsevimse

Our swim nappy is top of the line on the market! The great quality and design makes this a swim nappy you can rely on.
In this post we will help you choose the right size and talk about what a swim nappy does and what you can expect from it.

Choosing the right size
By choosing the right size and fit you will be guaranteed that the swim nappy will do what it’s meant to do. If the swim nappy is too large the elastics around the legs will be too loose and the pant might leak. On the other hand, if the swim diaper is too small the elastics will sit too tightly around the legs causing discomfort to the child. With the correct sizing the elastics will fit snuggly around the thighs without being too tight or loose.
Our sizes are set after the weight of the child. This should be seen as a guideline to what size you will need. To be certain that the size is correct, please measure the thighs and waist of the child and compare to the sizing table below.
Even if the weight of the child indicates one size, it might still not be a good fit, if say ,the child is a little bit on the chubbier side. If so, the elastics might be too snug around the legs or waist. Or perhaps the child is tall and slender and the “correct” size according to the weight might be fitting too loosely around the thighs. Our advice is to check the measurements before purchasing your swim nappy.

Size Chart Swim Nappies

How does a swim nappy work? Its purpose  is to keep the solids inside the pant and prevent leakage in the water. The soft and fitted elastics, the superb fit and with some extra space in the back of the pant will help prevent leakage in case the child would do numer two while swimming. It is very important to bring the child out of the water as soon as you notice that there is poo in the nappy. If the baby is left in the pool with poo in the pants it will get dissolved with the water getting inside the diaper and eventually this will leak into the pool.
The nappy won’t keep pee from leaking out. Since there is no absorbing layer in our swim nappy and even if there would be, the absorbing layers would absorb not only the pee but also the pool water and once the diaper would be fully saturated it would leak anyway. The main purpose of a swim nappy is simply to prevent poo from getting into the water and contaminating it.

Godkänd badblöja till babysim
The swim nappy is worn in the same way as a traditional swim pant. No other nappy or pant is needed or should be worn underneath the reusable swim nappy. The swim pant has buttons on the side for easy and convenient nappy change.

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Reusable nursing pads!

washable and reusable nursing pads

Nursing pads is a typical product that most women who breastfeed will use, but have your ever tried washable nursing pads that can be used over and over again? Not only great for the planet and your health but also great for your wallet since it will help you save money in the long run. Another positive aspect is that you will never run out of nursing pads again since you will always have them at home. No need to rush to the store with leaking breasts ever again! After changing your nursing inserts, simply put the used ones in the laundry, wash and then use again!

We have two different kind of nursing pads at ImseVimse; the Stay Dry and the Organic Cotton pad. But what separates the two? Here’s your answer!


Tvättbara amningsinlägg som håller dig torrNursing Inserts, Stay Dry

Stay Dry is true to its name; it will keep you and your shirt dry! The pads have a breathable waterproof outer layer, an absorbent middle layer of organic cotton terry and soft fleece closest to your skin to keep you dry.




Tvättbara amningsinlägg i ekologisk bomullNursing Pads, organic cotton

This nursing insert is made of 100% organic cotton. Perfect for those who prefer a natural textile fibre. The absorbing cotton keeps you warm and dry. This insert does not have waterproof layer like the Stay Dry, so once it gets fully saturated it might leak through causing wet spots on your clothes. These nursing pads are formatted for your comfort.


Buy the Stay Dry Nursing Pad>>
Här hittar inläggen i ekobomull >>

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The power of the sun!

The sun is amazing in so many ways. Its warmth and present is loved by us humans and we rely on for our survival. But did you know that there are other uses for the sun and its rays? You can actually use the sun in your washing routine for a natural and environmentally friendly stain removal. Perfect for those stained cloth pads and cloth diapers.
Simply hang them out to dry in the sun after washing them to let the sun do its magic! After a few hours in the sun, the stains are gone! How awesome isn’t that?

For washing instructions, look here! >>