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Life with cloth diapers – Part 2

Acke is already 5 months old and the diaper changes are starting to look more and more like a wrestling match. He’s constantly moving around which is making the changes quite a lot harder, sometimes almost impossible, and with the risk of getting sprayed in the face at any given second, it doesn’t exactly make the changes more realexed and calm.
Since i’m quite comfortable by nature, I am beginning to get more and more fond of the All-in-One Diaper. It’s just as convinient and easy to use as a disposable diaper. Apart from the washing of the diaper afterwards of course.

Speaking of being comfortable and lazy, I have to admit to not following the care instructions completely. Instead of letting the diapers hang dry after washing, I have taken the easy route and simply thrown them in the dryer. My excuse is that we live on an island made of limestone which makes the water extremely hard. This makes the terry cotton quite course and hard. But since spring has finally come I will try to hang dry the diapers outside to see if the sun will make them any softer again.


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Life with cloth diapers – Part 1

Here we are! Your extra super ordinary family of three, trying to embrace the green(er) lifestyle with all the challenges that comes with it.
Astri and Erik, that’s us, the parents. The latest edition to our little family is baby Acke, only 2 months old.
We live in a house on the country side of the pitoresque little Swedish island Gotland, where we share our daily lives with Rei, the dog, Ice Cube, the cat, five really confused hens who’s names we can never remember and of course the rooster Tage, who although might be small in size, has some major attitude problems.

Cloth diapers vs. ‘space diapers’
When we got pregnant we decided that we wanted to use cloth diapers instead of conventional dispospable ones (or space diapers as we like to call them, since they NEVER get wet?) for our baby.
Using cloth instead of disposable diapers  has already proved to be a bit of a challenge for us and our own comfort at times. Apparently babies pee and poop A LOT and ALL THE TIME (Who knew right?). Cloth diapers proved to be nothing like ’space diapers’ in that aspect, since they actually get wet and our precious little gem will certainly let us know when the diaper is soaked and it’s due for a diaper change. Which of course is a great thing, BUT if the truth should be told, can be a bit frustrating when you finally managed to sit down with a steaming hot cup of coffee ready to be indulged and certainly not being in the mood to get up and change yet another diaper. We try to take comfort in the rumours saying that babies using cloth nappies are usually potty trained a lot quicker than their peers using those ‘space diapers’.

Come join us on our journey with baby Acke and the cloth diapers for more daily life adventures.