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Don’t run by the pool!

Water shoes for a better grip by the pool

“Don’t run by the pool”!
Remember all the growns-ups nagging you about not running around the side of the pool? How they would tell you that you might slip and fall in to the water and hit your head and get hurt. And how many times that you did not listen to them and kept running around by the pool?

As an adult, and especially as a parent, all of a sudden we have become those boring adults, nagging our children not to be careful and not to run around the pool, telling them they might slip and fall and get hurt. And to no surprise, our kids tend to forget over and over again.

ImseVimse water shoes will provide a great grip at the edge of the pool and the risk of slipping and falling is minimized. The shoes are very light weight and the fit is snug and comfortable. Even when in water the shoes will stay on the foot. The shoes come in playful and happy colors and comes in sizes for children of up to 3 years of age.
But please keep nagging your precious children of yours not to run by the pool!
Even when wearing ImseVimse’s water shoes!

The textured sole of the water shoes provides an excellent grip.
The water shoes are made by neoprene which makes them super
light weight and comfortable to wear.

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