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Get started with cloth diapers with our Starter Box

Cloth diaper starter box

Get started with cloth diapering with our affordable starter kit!
The starter box contains eight diaper changes. A clever way of getting started with cloth diapers and saving some money!

ImseVimse’s start-kit with diapers has a clever and innovative new design that grows with your baby and fits throughout the diaper period. These diapers will fit babies between 4-16 kg /9 to 35 lbs, thanks to the Soft Velcro and adjustment buttons on the diapers. ImseVimse’s one size diaper consists of two parts: a waterproof diaper cover and two separate diaper inserts. If you have a baby that weighs less than 8 kg it may be enough to just use the smaller inserts. ImseVimses Startbox saves you time, money and are kind to the environment.

The starter box contains:
2 One-Size Diaper Covers (Woodland and Wildlife)
8 sets of inserts
save money on cloth diapering with Imse Vimse starter box

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