Organic Cotton: The Best Thing for Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Eco care with ImseVimse for your baby and family. We offer a wide range of bandana bibs in organic cotton in many different colours and patterns to choose from. You will also find beautiful baby blankets in organic cotton in two different designs and variations. They make great presents for the newborn baby and its parents.

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  • Baby Cloth Wipes

    Baby Cloth Wipes (1)

  • Sling carrier

    Sling carrier (1)

  • Wet Bags

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  • Baby Blankets

    Baby Blankets (2)

  • Baby Bandana Bibs

    Baby Bandana Bibs (2)

  • Wrap it around your baby, use in the pram and cot, or as nursing blanket – to keep your baby warm and cozy!

    Organic Baby Blanket – Animal Prints

    44.95 EUR
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  • blöjpåsar, setbag att förvara blöjor och bindor i.

    Wet Bags

    8.95 EUR
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  • Baby Bib

    8.95 EUR
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  • ImseVimse’s Swaddling Blanket made of 100% organic cotton are soft, nice and comfy!

    Swaddling Blanket Organic Cotton

    19.95 EUR
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  • Baby sling carrier - Organic cotton and swedish design

    Baby sling carrier – Organic cotton

    89.95 EUR
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  • Reusable Cloth Wipes

    14.95 EUR
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  • Baby Bib – SALE!

    Sale! 8.95 EUR 4.50 EUR
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Showing all 7 results