Cloth nappies

Get your cloth nappies from ImseVimse. real nappies are a natural and environmentally friendly way of using  nappies for your baby. It is also an affordable alternative to disposable nappies. By using real nappies the risk of nappy rash is also a lot smaller than by using conventional disposable nappies. ImseVimse offers three different types of washable nappies. There’s a cloth nappy to suit everyone. Simply use the nappies, wash them and then use again. Good for you, baby and the environment.

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  • One Size Nappies

    One Size Nappies (14)

  • All-in-One Nappies

    All-in-One Nappies (6)

  • Nappy Wraps & Covers

    Nappy Wraps & Covers (6)

  • Real nappies

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  • Accessories

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  • Organic cloth diaper that adjust to your babies size, from new born to toddlers.

    One Size Nappy – Starter Box

    109.00 EUR
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  • one-size-diaper-cover-inserts

    One Size Nappy Wrap + inserts

    25.95 EUR
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  • onesize-diaper-covers

    One Size Nappy Wraps/Covers

    19.95 EUR
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  • allinone

    All-in-One Nappy

    21.95 EUR
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  • terry-diapers-onesize-white02-WEB

    Form fitted Terry nappies, 4-pack

    48.95 EUR
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  • inserts-onesize

    Inserts for the One-Size Nappy

    12.50 EUR
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  • muslins

    Muslin Squares, 4-pack

    11.50 EUR
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  • blojbyxan-soft

    SOFT Nappy Wrap/Cover

    13.50 EUR
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  • ImseVimse\'s diaper has a convenient all-in-one design with adjustable hook and loop to closure, which makes it quick and easy to use.

    All-in-One Nappy, Woodland

    21.95 EUR
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  • ImseVimse’s Paper Liner should be placed on the top of the diaper or the insert to make it easier when changing poopy diapers.

    Biodegradable Paper Liners, 200 sheets

    9.95 EUR
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  • inlägg-one-size-tygblöja

    One Size Insert, Bamboo/Cotton

    12.50 EUR
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  • Diaper insert for the one-size diaper from ImseVimse.

    One Size Insert, Night Booster

    14.50 EUR
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Showing 1–12 of 38 results