Cloth nappies

Choose the right cloth nappy for your baby.

Find your perfect cloth nappy here. We offer three different types of reusable nappies, to ensure that there is a cloth nappy for everyone.

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  • 2-part System

    2-part System (7)

  • One Size Nappies

    One Size Nappies (17)

  • All-in-One Nappies

    All-in-One Nappies (6)

  • Nappy accessories

    Nappy accessories (8)

  • Nappy Wet Bags

    Nappy Wet Bags (3)

  • A natural and effective stain remover soap bar

    Citrus soap, stain remover

    12.95 EUR
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  • A large diaper bag / Wet bag for used cloth nappies

    Large Wet Bag with Drawstring

    12.95 EUR
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  • This insert serves as a moisture barrier and keeps you baby’s skin dry at night or when the skin needs to heal after diaper rash.

    Stay Dry Nappy Liner, 2-pack

    7.95 EUR
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  • Wet bag or diaper bag in size medium. Perfect for hanging on the stroller or keeping in the nursing bag.

    Medium Wet Bag with zipper

    9.95 EUR
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  • Starter box with one size cloth nappies

    One Size Nappy – Starter Box

    129.95 EUR
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  • OS-snowland03

    One Size Nappy Cover + inserts (organic cotton)

    28.95 EUR
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  • OS-woodland02

    One Size Nappy Wraps/Covers

    19.95 EUR
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  • The All-in-One (or AIO) style of modern cloth nappy is the simplest to use

    All-in-One Nappy

    21.95 EUR
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  • Classic flat nappies for cloth diapering and cloth nappies

    Flat nappies, 4-pack

    13.50 EUR
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  • Formfitted terry nappies and diapers, use with a diaper cover from ImseVimse

    Form fitted terry nappies, 4-pack

    48.95 EUR
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  • Nappy inserts for the One Size Nappy from ImseVimse

    Inserts for the One-Size Nappy

    12.50 EUR
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  • Mini wet bags for keeping used nursing pads, snacks

    Mini Wet Bag

    8.95 EUR
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Showing 1–12 of 38 results