Cloth nappies

Versatile and simple. Build your perfect nappy.

Our fitted terry nappy comes in two sizes to fit the baby right from the start. Using form-fitting nappies and nappy covers give you a variety of options in order to find the combination that suits you and your baby the best. Pair a fitted nappy with either our sized nappy cover or one size nappy cover. The flat cloth nappies come in two sizes and are the most affordable and versatile option.

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  • Classic flat nappies for cloth diapering and cloth nappies

    Flat nappies, 4-pack

    13.50 EUR
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  • Formfitted terry nappies and diapers, use with a diaper cover from ImseVimse

    Form fitted terry nappies, 4-pack

    48.95 EUR
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Showing all 2 results