Nappy Wet Bags

Wet Bags are here to make your daily life a bit more organized.

The bags come in three different sizes to fit different areas of use. Our largest Wet Bag has a drawstring closure and is great for storing nappies at daycare or by the nursing table. The drawstring Wet Bag holds up to seven all-in-one nappies. They also make great gym bags for older kids. Our mid-sized bags have a zipper closure, are convenient for day trips, and fit well in a nappy bag. It holds up to three all-in-one nappies and is perfect to hold messy clothes or nappies until you get home. The mini Wet Bag is our smallest bag and is great for holding snacks or all the little things that tend to fall to the bottom of your bag.

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  • A large diaper bag / Wet bag for used cloth nappies

    Large Wet Bag with Drawstring

    12.95 EUR
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  • Wet bag or diaper bag in size medium. Perfect for hanging on the stroller or keeping in the nursing bag.

    Medium Wet Bag with zipper

    9.95 EUR
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  • Mini wet bags for keeping used nursing pads, snacks

    Mini Wet Bag

    8.95 EUR
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Showing all 3 results