Organic sanitary pads for an eco-friendly period.

It’s been estimated that over the lifetime of a menstruating person, she/he will spend over 1400 € on tampons alone. Furthermore, sanitary product manufacturers are not required to list all of the ingredients used to make their products. What’s a person to do? Shell out thousands of euros or pounds for products that could harm your body?

No, we have a better way.

With ImseVimse’s organic cloth menstrual pads, you get the luxury of knowing exactly what you are putting on your body: 100% organic cloth pads and tampons that are safe for you and the environment. The best part? Your monthly investment with Aunt Flo just decreased, leaving you with more money in your pocket for the fun stuff.

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  • Citrus Soap - Stain remover

    Citrus Soap - Stain remover (1)

  • Labia Pads

    Labia Pads (1)

  • Reusable Tampons

    Reusable Tampons (1)

  • Starter kit - Cloth Pads

    Starter kit - Cloth Pads (1)

  • cloth menstrual pads

    cloth menstrual pads (4)

  • Wet Bags

    Wet Bags (1)

  • interlabial pads are used to help direct the menstrual flow

    Labia Pads, 10-pack

    9.95 EUR
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  • Organic and eco-friendly tampons

    Reusable & Organic Tampons, 8-pack

    21.95 EUR
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  • A natural and effective stain remover soap bar

    Citrus soap, stain remover

    12.95 EUR
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  • Reusable thong pantyliners in organic cotton

    Thong Pantyliners

    14.95 EUR
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  • Sanitary Cloth Pads, cotton flannel

    14.95 EUR
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  • Extra soft and comfy cloth pads / day pads from ImseVimse

    Sanitary Cloth Pads, cotton jersey

    14.95 EUR
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  • Save money with this starter pack of cloth pads from ImseVimse

    Cloth Pads – Starter kit

    69.30 EUR
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  • Keep your cloth pads, labia pads and reusable tampons in these smart storage bags / wet bags.

    Wet Bags

    8.95 EUR
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Showing all 8 results