Swim & Sun

Swim Nappies & Sun Protection: Stay Active. Stay Safe.

You want your children to live a fun, active life that is chalk full of new discoveries and lasting memories. We agree! Whether creating memories at the beach or pool, ImseVimse’s swim nappies and Swim & Sun clothing collection are the perfect companions for a day under the sun.

Every piece in the Swim & Sun Collection is certified with European UV Standard 801, Australian Standard UPF50+ and OEKO-TEX® class 1. And, we’re proud to say that this collection was selected for the Innovation Award Final at the International Children’s Fair Kind+Jugend in Cologne in September 2016. Let your children enjoy the sun while being protected from it! Shop our collection of swim nappies and sun protective clothing.

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  • Wet Bags

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  • Hooded towel

    Hooded towel (2)

  • Sun protection Collection

    Sun protection Collection (5)

  • Swim Nappies

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  • Water shoes

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  • Sun Protection hat with wide brim to protect the face and generous neck flap to protect neck from sun

    Swim & Sun Hat

    Sale! 22.95 EUR 16.95 EUR
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  • A long sleeve sun protection jacket with a zipper in front for easy access and full coverage in the sun

    Swim & Sun Jacket

    Sale! 29.95 EUR 20.95 EUR
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  • Reusable swim nappies and swim diapers for baby swimming

    Reusable Swim Nappy

    18.95 EUR
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  • reusable Swim Nappies for sale

    Reusable Swim Nappy – SALE!

    Sale! 18.95 EUR 9.95 EUR
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  • A full uv protection sun suit for the best coverage and protection while on the beach

    Swim & Sun Suit

    Sale! 46.95 EUR 15.95 EUR
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  • blöjpåsar, setbag att förvara blöjor och bindor i.

    Wet Bags

    8.95 EUR
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  • A sun protection t-shirt for those lazy days on the beach

    Swim & Sun T-Shirt

    Sale! 21.95 EUR 15.95 EUR
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  • Sun protection swim shorts for babies, toddler and children

    Swim & Sun Shorts

    Sale! 19.95 EUR 17.50 EUR
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  • Large, cozy hooded towels to wrap up your little ones in.

    Hooded Towel, 100×100 cm

    35.95 EUR
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  • Hooded Towel, 75×75 cm

    23.95 EUR
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  • Water shoes for toddlers and children help prevent slips by the pool

    Water Shoes

    13.95 EUR
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Showing all 11 results