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Instructions: Sling cradle for newborn


Tie the wrap according to the basic instructions (step 1). Let the outer band slide off your shoulder.


Fold the inner band to a cradle.


Place the baby in the cradle with the bottom first. Make sure that your baby is comfortable and that head and neck are supported by your hand.


Take the shoulder band that you lowered, spread the fabric over your baby’s back. Pull the band up and spread the fabric across your shoulder.


Now take the front band and stretch it up over your baby. Make sure to not cover your baby’s face.


Make sure the sling cradle surrounds the baby so that one half of the sling cradle is between you and your baby. Your baby’s face should be in view at all times. Make sure that there is good air circulation. Make sure that your baby’s chin is not leaning against his/her chest.

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