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Step 1: How to tie your sling wrap

Easy instructions how to tie a baby sling carrier


Find the centre of the wrap, the centre is marked with the ImseVimse label, and gather the sling to bring it around your back.

Easy instructions how to tie a baby sling carrier


Hold the edge and gather it slightly, bring the fabric around your back and make a cross over your lower back.

Easy instructions for tying your baby sling carrier


Bring both ends of the wrap over your shoulders. Make sure the wrap is not twisted over your shoulders.

Carry your baby in ImseVimse's organic baby wrap


Pick up both ends of the wrap and tuck them under the centre band at your waist.

Tying a baby sling carrier doesn't have to be complicated


Cross the fabric at the front just above your belly button, then bring the wrap around your back.

A baby wrap gives the dad the chance to closeness on a totally new level


Cross the fabric firmly across your lower back.

Organic baby sling carrier from ImseVimse


Finish by tying firmly in a reef knot at the front. Tuck in the loose ends.

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