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Step 2: Placing your baby in the wrap

Baby sling carrier in organic cotton


Insert your hands under the wrap, if needed stretch the fabric to create more room.

Baby daddy loves the baby wrap


Place your baby high on your shoulder, then gently guide your baby’s foot under the fabric on the opposite side.

Close parenting with a baby sling carrier


Place your baby high on your other shoulder and tuck the other foot under the fabric.

Soft and sturdy baby wrap


Spread the inner wrap across your baby from shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee.

instructions on how to tie a baby wrap


Repeat with the outer wrap and ensure your baby is nicely supported in deep squat position.

How to place your baby in a sling carrier


Gently bend your baby’s leg and guide his/her foot under the middle band and repeat for the other side.

instructions on how to tie a baby wrap


Locate and pull the centre band up and over your baby’s body to the base of her/his neck and down over the baby’s bottom.

How to place your baby in a sling carrier


The fabric can be placed over the back of your baby’s head for head and neck support if needed. Make sure to not cover your baby’s face.


When worn correctly your wrap should feel comfortable, look neat and when you lean forward, your baby should remain close to your body. The baby’s face should be in view at all times and make sure that there is good air circulation. There should be at least two finger’s width between the baby’s chest and chin.

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