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Sun Protection Clothes made from recycled polyester

Did you know that our Sun Protection Collection is made of recycled polyamide and polyester? This makes the ImseVimse range of sun protection clothing a better and more sustainable choice than sun protection clothing not made of recycled and renewable materials.

Polyester/Polyamide is a synthetic material and is widely used in functional clothing such as sports clothing, swim wear and sun protection clothing. Conventional polyester/polyamide is prepared from non renewable resources like oil, which leads to great emissions of carbon dioxide and heavy metals which is not bad and harmful for the environment. By choosing products made from renewable polyester/polyamide your are actively making a better and more sustainable stand for the environment and your health.
During the production of renewable polyester and polyamide, up to 70% less carbon dioxide will be used compared to producing the same material directly from oil. Renewable polyester and polyamide is usually made by recycled plastic bottles and old polyester clothing. By doing this the oil that is once already taken from the ground is reused instead of simply being thrown away and bringing out new oil. So much better for the environment!

Our Sun Protection Collection are made by VITA fabric  from Econyl®. The fabrics is made in Italy. The VITA fabric is made by renewable polyester/polyamide and has a lot of good

qualities you might be looking for in a material used in sun protection clothing. It’s Ultrachlorine resistant, Sun creams and oils resistant, has excellent UV protection and is soft and ultra flat and comfy to wear. It has a UPF of 50+ and dries quickly. What more can you wish for in UV clothes?

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