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The environmental impact on product returns

The environmental impact of e-commerce can be quite problematic. Looking at the aspect of shipping and returns, which has recently been highlighted in several studies, the numbers are speaking for themselves. Surveys have been carried out with GPS transmitters attached to returned goods, to show that the returns are sent crisscross around the globe to be repacked, then sent back to the warehouse just to be shipped to the next customer again. This procedure can be repeated several times for each product.
Often, the destinations, e.g. the re-packing storage, the warehouse and the customer, are placed far away from each other, putting a considerable strain on the environment with the shipping back and forth this creates.

At ImseVimse we have quite a low percentage of returns, only 2.5% of items sold on our eCommerce platforms are being returned to us.

That is a remarkable number and something that we take great pride in. It is something that we constantly work for on a daily basis, as we have made many conscious choices to keep the returns as low as they are.

But even if the numbers are low, there is always room for improvements and our ambition is to reduce the number of returns even further.
We strive to provide our customers with a realistic expectation of the product before they make a purchase, in order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment once the product is received.

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