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The upside of Cloth Pads!

Up or down
One of the most common questions that we get about our pantyliners and cloth pads are which side should go up and which side should lie down in your panties. Using our pads with prints it’s easy to see what side should be facing down and up. The printed side should be laying up and the white side faces down. With our single colored cloth pads you can easily tell what side faces up and down by looking at the stitching (see image attached). The side with the visible stitching goes up and the side with no visible stitching faces down. Simple as that!

Does it matter?
The reason why it matters what side goes up and down is due to the construction of the pads. The night pad for example is made of six layers of cotton, five of those are on top of each other to help soak up and absorb the blood. Under these five layers there are one layer of PUL to prevent the blood to leak through the pad. If you place the cloth pad upside down the absorbing layers will be laying underneath the leakproof layer which of course will prevent the blood from being absorbed by the absorbing layers.

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