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Absorbent workout underwear

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Reusable Cloth Pads

Care for people. Planet. Period.

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Eco-Friendly alternatives to landfill-filling makeup wipes

Eco Cleansing Pads

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Swedish design and quality for 30 years

Eco Cloth Nappies

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Due to changes regarding EU VAT for e-commerce we won’t be able to sell products to customers living in the EU at the moment. We can still sell to customers in Germany and France and UK.

For those European countries that are affected by this new regulation, please find our Imse/Vimse retailer in you country here.

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ImseVimse becomes Imse & Vimse

With reusable menstrual pads and diapers, we offer you sustainable alternatives that prioritize well-being – for the skin, the environment and the wallet. Comfortable and beautiful products that can be used regularly, sometimes, or from time to time when appropriate.

We see that the interest in choosing sustainable closest to the body is bigger than ever – which is why we are constantly developing our products and presenting new ones. In addition, we divide Imsevimse into two brands – Imse, which is products for women, and Vimse, which has products for children. Welcome to find your favorites, in a new lovely design!

Vimse – Award winning Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies

All in two diapers – Starter Box

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All in two Diaper Cover + inserts

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All in two Diaper Covers

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All-in-One Cloth Nappy

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